Using Consultative Selling as a Way to Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

In the current economic climate many business owners are rethinking their marketing strategies and looking for more effective ways to reach their customers and clients.  In meeting with local businesses and discussing the issues they are having this topic is always in the top 3! 

So the Athens County Entrepreneurship Development Group decided to invite Ed Burghard the Executive Director of the Ohio Business Development Coalition to be our guest speaker at June 16th’s Lunch and Learn Workshop. Ed presented to some of our local companies on the consultative selling process as a way to accelerate the growth of their business. His presentation highlighted the Principles of Consultative Selling which included the following three categories: Consultative Selling Model, Benefits versus Features, and Effective Objection Handling. At the end of the workshop the businesses and organizations that attended were given effective tools to help change their product/service features into compelling benefits their customers want to buy.

To view Ed’s entire presentation please see below:

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