Infrastructure. We rarely take the time to notice it, but its what keeps our businesses and lives running smoothly.

Athens County public officials preserve a delicate balance between infrastructure maintenance and development keeping what we have and building what we need.

Our County Commissioners oversee the framework of infrastructure services that cross municipality lines to unite Athens County. Their office can be a helpful starting point for any specific inquiries you may have.

Roads & Highways

Major county thoroughfares running east to west include U.S. 33, U.S. 50, SR 32 (also known as the Appalachian Highway), SR 56 and SR 550. State Routes 13, 144, 329, 681 and 691 run north and south.

Recent improvements to U.S. 33, including widening and the addition of bypasses, have significantly shortened travel time to and from Columbus, Athens closest metropolitan hub and Ohios capital. Motorists can now make the painless, scenic trip in about an hour.

Water Supply & Treatment

One of four water service suppliers in the county, the Athens City treatment plant has the capacity to deliver seven million gallons a day. Current daily flow serving the city, Ohio University and The Plains averages only three million gallons per day. Sewage treatment facility capabilities also have been deemed adequate for anticipated growth in the foreseeable future.

Information Superhighways

The Athens County Broadband Council understands that high-speed Internet access is a must for your business and your home. The Council is working to make sure our fastest highways are the ones that carry data.

Connect Ohio mapping shows extensive broadband penetration in Athens County. Broadband is readily available in all our population centers and beyond, but we continue to be active in statewide initiatives to bridge the digital divide. Visit Connect Ohio for the latest developments.