Your business is different from any other. So it makes sense that your employees will need unique skills— unique to their positions, unique to the industry, unique to your company.

Workforce training is a big investment, one that benefits the whole community. That’s why Athens County has found ways to share in your commitment to a highly trained, specialized employee base.

Subsidized Training

The state of Ohio can help you cherry-pick the most promising college grads before they graduate. ➥Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program will even pay half your interns’ stipends.

Customized Training Programs

➥ Tri-County Adult Career Center can develop employee training programs tailored to your company’s needs. Sessions can be held at your facility or at the Career Center. Contact Kim McKinley at (800) 637–6508 or to discuss your options.

Making the Best Even Better

Today’s marketplace requires constant evolution. Just when you have your employees right where you want them, innovation will require additional training. That’s why the ➥Ohio Development Services Agency offers the ➥Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program, to keep your people on top of their game.


➥Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program

➥ Tri-County Adult Career Center

➥Ohio Development Services Agency

➥ODSA Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program