When you’re kayaking Dow Lake or exploring Zaleski State Forest, you may be tempted to think of Athens County as remote and far removed from the modern world.

A quick look at our Population Radius Map will remind you that, despite our natural beauty, Athens County is in the thick of 21st century business and commerce.

And we have plenty of ways for you and your product to get where you’re going.


Local: The Gordon K. Bush Regional Airport

Commercial: Parkersburg/Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport

International: Port Columbus International Airport

Athens Airport Shuttle and GoBus provide transportation to and from Port Columbus.


Norfolk Southern


Taxi Service:

Bus Service: Athens TransitGoBus

Car Rentals: A Complete List

Truck Service: 6 motor freight companies


  • U.S. 33 and U.S. 50 converge in Athens.
  • Athens county has 64 miles of U.S. highways.
  • Fifteen (15) state routes cover 147 miles of Athens County. (SR 7, SR 13, SR 32, SR 56, SR 78, SR 144, SR 278, SR 329, SR 356, SR 550, SR 681, SR 682, SR 685, SR 690)
  • Additionally, we have 370 miles of county roads and 521 miles of township roads, if you feel like taking the scenic route or have a passion for precision driving.